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Nick Swan
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Nick Swan
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Some of my experiences in life are so painful that I've never spoken about them. Will therapy be overwhelming?
    It may be that as you begin to feel safer and have a trust in our therapeutic relationship, issues that have been suppressed might press for a space to be heard and resolved. However, what you bring in our work together would be decided by you. I would never push you to speak about any experience you didn’t either feel ready to speak about, or didn’t want to speak about. Should powerful and potentially overwhelming feelings surface, I would be working with you to help process them safely.
    I do have experience of working with people who have experienced extreme trauma and distress in their lives. It is possible, with support, to digest and process these experiences.

How long does therapy take?
   Until you decide it’s the right time to stop. I tend to offer the space in an open ended way, and much of my work is long term. If you wished, for whatever reason to come for a limited period of time, I would work with you appropriately to that end.

How much does it cost?
    I offer a sliding fee scale between £45 and £55 per session, based on what is affordable for you, and dependent on capacity. I also offer a couple of additional low fee spaces.

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