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Nick Swan
UKCP Reg Core Process Psychotherapist
Nick Swan
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Core process psychotherapy belongs to a number of forms of therapy that can be termed ‘psychospiritual’. What this essentially means is that our human-beingness is recognised as much larger than our individual psychologies – than our conditioned sense of self. From this perspective we are much more than our emotional and relational difficulties – we are part of a larger dimension of being that can be accessed through awareness. The term ‘ core’ is a metaphor referring to this larger dimension, which is beyond any limited sense of self. We are much bigger than we think we are!

The term ‘Process’ refers to our ongoing experience of thoughts, memories, images, feeling tones and sensations that arise in the body. The quality of core process work is a deep listening and sensitive following of ‘process’.  This ‘process’ often follows particular patterns or shapes that can constellate into ways of being that create suffering. By becoming aware of our patterns or ‘ shaping process’, we begin to relate to ourselves from a place that is bigger. This ’bigger place’ – the Core, has within it, intrinsic qualities of openness, clarity and empathic warmth that enable us to form a relationship with suffering that is transformative.

Core Process work is simply a bringing together of the joint awareness of therapist and client to whatever is happening in the present moment such that we can see clearly our ‘process’ and also begin to sense the fluidity and freedom inherent within it. We may then find ourselves living more consciously, reclaiming the lost or hidden parts of ourselves, and find greater depth and meaning in our lives.

What is Core Process Psychotherapy?