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Nick Swan
UKCP Reg Core Process Psychotherapist
Nick Swan

My own path into becoming a psychotherapist began with the listening role of being a ‘Samaritan’ and then training as a social worker in my 20’s. I had a strong interest in mental health and gravitated towards working in more ‘therapeutic settings’, eventually settling as a counsellor in an addiction project. I worked in the addiction field for nine years, four of which were taken up with training as a psychotherapist at the Karuna Institute in Devon.
    I am deeply grateful for the depth of both my therapy training and the experience of being a psychotherapy client. I later worked part-time counselling students in Higher Education whilst also having a private psychotherapy practice. I started working as a therapist in private practice in late 2000, and since 2008 this has been my sole means of work. I enjoy working with a wide range of people and have gained experience of a breadth of issues that human beings confront throughout the lifecycle.
    I have also done extensive training in the wonderfully freeing work of Eugene Gendlin called ‘focusing’, which enables a deep listening to and accessing of our bodies sensing or knowing about a issue or life situation. I have also undergone a 2 year post qualifying training in pre and perinatal psychotherapy exploring the first eighteen months of life and the impact of early developmental issues on our present experience.
    I have an inquisitive mind and am deeply fascinated by this thing called ‘life’ that we are all in together. How to fully experience my own ‘aliveness’, become more open (and come to know what blocks this!) are ongoing practices for me. One of the biggest supports in this for me is the spiritual practice of meditation. I have been a meditator for most of my adult life and find that meditation supports the level of presence and quality of attention I can bring to my therapeutic work and also engenders a greater heart connection with people. Though not from Scotland I have a deep love of the Scottish landscape and continue to be nourished by the largeness that it represents for me. The movement from a sense of limitation to a growing freedom – of embodying a greater wholeness has been an ongoing enquiry and vision in my own life, and one which I wish to share with others.

I am a graduate of the Karuna Institute and am an accredited psychotherapist registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom
Council for Psychotherapy). I abide by the Karuna Institute Code of Ethics.

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